Working with some of Europe's leading commercial airlines, engine MRO’s and military clients, Aerotron Avotec takes a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to the repair and overhaul of an ever increasing range of aviation components and accessories.


Excellence in the repair and overhaul of aviation components

The company has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, with some of the lowest turnaround times (TAT) in the industry. Aerotron Avotec actively engages with its clients' efficiency targets and carries a large number of spare parts in stock.


Aerotron Avotec is renowned for its technical excellence and meticulous approach to repairs, with one of the lowest warranty rates in the aerospace industry.

Capability list
Aerotron Avotec provide a fast and efficient turnaround on the repair and overhaul of aviation components across our ever-growing CAPABILITY LIST.
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Aerotron Avotec’s aim is to continually fulfil each client’s specific needs, promoting efficient communications and technical excellence in the repair and overhaul of aerospace components.

24hr Hotline

Aerotron Avotec offers a 24-hour, critical requirement and Aircraft On Ground (AOG) emergency hotline.

Improve Component Repair

To improve the speed and efficiency of your component repair and MRO operations - and to help reduce inventory costs, contact Aerotron Avotec today on +44 (0)1698 818 868.

End-Of-Life Component Repair

Aerotron Avotec also commands particular expertise in the repair and overhaul of end-of-life components. To discuss this capability please contact us directly.