Active engagement with clients’ efficiency targets

Aerotron Avotec is keenly aware of the commercial pressures faced by its clients across the commercial aviation and military sectors. The company was set up in 1989 and is renowned for its fault-finding and problem solving expertise across most areas of aircraft component repair and overhaul.


Approval Ratings

C1   Air Cond & Press
C3   Comms and Nav
C5   Electrical Power
C6   Equipment
C7   Engine - APU
C8   Flight Controls
C12  Hydraulic
C14  Landing Gear
C17  Pneumatic
C18  Protection Ice/Rain/Fire

Our highly-trained engineering staff work closely with our experienced project engineers and engage with clients at both a technical and commercial level. We do not set out to simply drive down repair costs and improve turnaround times, but in addition to analyse our clients' precise requirements in terms of both component use and scheduling.


We continuously evaluate clients' patterns of component wear-and -tear to assist in predicting future repair and maintenance needs – information which we actively share with our clients. We endeavour to hold a large number of spare parts in stock, thereby reducing turnaround times and helping ensure that our service accurately matches your programmed MRO requirements. Consequently, Aerotron Avotec can supply one of the sector's most reliable repair and overhaul services, helping to improve turnaround times and reduce repair and inventory costs year-on-year.